We have realized a set of customized Web cartographic products for public administrations named "Map".

We apply innovation in the framework of cloud computing solutions without any installation by the client side, with all the programs hosted on the Internet.

With cloud computing solutions all applications can be managed "on line" without any expenditure in specific hardware, without a service and maintenance on site, assuring an updated system that can be implemented according to specific needs: in this context, the applications can be always in line with administration requirements. All applications are intended to assist the officer during the ordinary or overtime job. The digital cartography is provided through Web solutions with a huge number of geolocated  information contained in the databases and connected with automated procedures.

Most of  platforms are provided with HTML5 and CSS3 solutions, through functions developed with JavaScript, working on the  popular operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android and Linux and can be used with various browsers, including Baidu, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.



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